• Our Home Performance Energy Audit is a whole house approach to identifying the primary sources that are causing your home to be inefficient, uncomfortable, and potentially unhealthy.

    Your local HPS Consultant has the experience and expertise to discover where your home is wasting energy and what changes you can make that will save you money. Our assessment report prioritizes and recommends improvements based primarily on cost effectiveness and provides cost estimates for our recommendations.

  • HPS Process


    • "Technically speaking, they were quite sound. They were very professional and did an excellent job explaining what they would be doing and what results to expect"
      M. Watson - Chantilly, VA

Assessment Overview
HPS's whole house approach to energy assessment means that we thoroughly evaluate your complete system to help you bring it up to today's high standards of energy efficiency, comfort, and health. Each level of audit includes different types of testing:

• Overall inspection of the energy efficiency of your home
• Evaluation of insulation levels throughout the building envelope
• Moisture and water management in and around the house
• Inspection of window and door quality
• Diagnostic audit includes blower door test to quantify air leakage and optional infrared camera technology
• Comprehensive audit includes combustion safety testing on all gas fired appliances
• Duct blaster test to quantify duct leakage provided by our HVAC trade partner is a la carte
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Our Improvement Services
After the assessment, HPS can help coordinate the following services:

• Energy Efficient Renovations
• HVAC Systems and Check Ups
• Duct Cleaning - Aerosealing
• Water Heaters/Solar Water Heaters
• Crawl Space Encapsulation
• Insulation
• Air Sealing
• Handyman/Weatherstripping
• Replacement Windows and Doors
• James Hardie Siding
• Roof Replacement
• Decks, Porches, Porticos
• Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
• Basement Remodeling
• Flooring - Hardwood, Cork, Tile, Carpet

Rebates and Tax Credits Homeowners may be eligible for state and federal tax credits. Visit EnergyStar.gov or call us for state and local incentives.