Home Performance Solutions (HPS) offers a BPI, Build Performance Institute assessment for residential and light commercial buildings that can help you increase personal comfort, cure unhealthy conditions, save on energy bills and minimize your impact on the environment.

Residential and Light Commercial


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Call on Home Performance Solution's certified team. Using the guidelines and standards of the BPI, Build Performance Institute program, we take a whole-house approach to pin-point specific problems with our state of the art diagnostic equipment.

Let HPS build new efficiency. Our assessment report prioritizes and recommends improvements based primarily on cost effectiveness, and provides cost estimates for our recommendations.

Live comfortably ever after. In addition to increased comfort and lower energy costs, HPS can help make sure you receive rebates and tax credits as a result of our expert work on your energy efficient home environment.

"Their measures were very effective. They showed specific instances of where we needed work done and why, and what the solution would entail."
J. Boykin - Vienna, VA

All HPS Consultants have a minimum of five years of inspection or supervision experience and a minimum of ten years of related construction experience.

HPS Process

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